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Fascists States of Fracking Imbeciles

   Under the guise of “propriety material” big gas and Halliburton wish to keep the chemicals they use to frack hidden by a state sponsored protection of law, a confidentiality agreement allowing the industry to sue doctors who treat patients from illness from fracking, simply if these doctors mentioned publicly the chemicals affecting their patients. America is a shiteating lie! Pennsylvania legislators are the most owned cowardly whores on earth. The Pennsylvania legislators are just as guilty of murdering American citizens as the corporations they protect.

"The importance of keeping it (Fracking chemicals) as proprietary secret seems minimal when compared to letting the public know what chemicals they and their children are being exposed to," Leach told Mother Jones.

"The whole goal of medical community is to protect public health," said David Masur, director of PennEnvironment. He worries that the threat of a lawsuit from a big industry player like Halliburton or ExxonMobil for violating a confidentiality agreement could scare doctors away from research on potential impacts in the state. “If anything, we need more concrete information. This just stifles another way the public could have access to information from experts.”

At the federal level, natural gas developers have long been allowed to keep the mixture of chemicals they use in fracking fluid a secret from the general public, protecting it as “proprietary information.” The industry is exempt from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxics Release Inventory—the program that ensures that communities are given information about what companies are releasing. In 2005 the industry successfully lobbied for an exemption from EPA regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act as well, in what is often referred to as the “Halliburton Loophole.” The Obama EPA has pressed drillers to voluntarily provide more information about fracking fluids, but the industry has largely rebuffed those appeals.

Fascist States of Fracking Imbeciles

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