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Cops: Cowards, Outcasts and Sadists With so Little Self Esteem They Can Only Feel Good Brutalizing Children and the Handicapped.

Police Brutality - Officer Beats Special Ed Kid

A Dolton cop caught on camera allegedly breaking a 15-year-old special needs student’s nose for failing to tuck in his shirt has a troubling history that includes killing a man in a case of disputed self-defense and is now in an Indiana jail on an unrelated rape charge.

Christopher Lloyd, 38, was identified Thursday by his father Charles Lloyd and Dolton Mayor Ronnie Lewis as the officer who in May was videotaped by a school security camera scuffling with 15-year-old, 140-pound Marshawn Pitts at the Academy for Learning in Dolton.

The 38-year-old Christopher Lloyd is known for the May 2009 incident when he was caught on the school surveillance cam video breaking the nose of a special needs student because his shirt wasn’t tucked in. After the video leaked online, Dolton Police Department refused to disclose the name of the officer responsible for violently throwing the boy into the lockers, then smashing his face to the floor while hitting him repeatedly, which left the special ed student Marshawn Pitts with a broken nose, busted lip and cuts all over his face. The incident was covered up and justified by both Dolton officials and Academy of Learning High School Pitts was attending.

Law Enforcement in America - providing jobs for the mentally ill.

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    Wow. I know not all cops are law-ignoring bullies, but fuck the police.
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