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What Hostilities in Lybia?

President Obama:

  You’re making an ass out of your office with Libya. You put us in Libya, there are hostilities and it is expensive. When you, Pres.Obama, behave in a manner that is bumbling, contradictory, dishonest and in opposition to fixing the deficit ( You’re running up the bill with the Libya war, and lacking the balls to tax the rich; I guess the poor get fucked again?). Pres. Obama, you do the worst wrong by giving “Mr. Kill Americans With Tobacco”, John Boehner, the opportunity to speak in criticism of Democrats, legitimately, without lying or dishonesty.
  If you don’t get your shit together, it will be someone else, other than Barrack Obama on the Democrat ticket come 2012.

M H O’Neal

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Please Write Your Legislators

Dear Mr. O’Neal,

   Thank you for taking the time to contact me to express your concerns about Medicare.  I understand this is an important issue and I appreciate hearing your thoughts.  The Medicare program is a central issue to many Floridians, as more than 3.3 million Medicare beneficiaries currently reside in the state and rely on Medicare for health care and health security. 

  As your elected representative, I have made a commitment to tackle our nation’s debt by cutting federal spending, reducing the deficit, and making necessary reforms to our entitlement programs.  Medicare is currently facing substantial financial challenges which must be addressed in order to protect current and future generations of Americans. This year, Medicare expenditures amount to approximately $491 billion of net government spending, or about 3.8% of our nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).  According to the Congressional Budget Office, Medicare is growing at unsustainable rates, and unless major changes are made, the program’s financial instability “could lead to reduced access to care or diminished quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries”. 

  We must confront the reality that Medicare is on an unsustainable path and changes must be made.  Individuals currently receiving Medicare benefits and those who are approaching retirement age (55 or older), should not and will not be subjected to any changes.  But for younger generations, the Medicare program must change or it will no longer exist by the time they become eligible for benefits.                 

  As Congress continues to debate important issues surrounding our country’s growing debt and out-of-control government spending, I will continue to listen to Floridians while working to ensure that Americans continue to have access to Medicare benefits.  Again, thank you for writing to me with your concerns and I look forward to hearing any views or input you wish to share in the future.

Senator Marco Rubio

Dear Senator Rubio:

1)     I don’t remember your commitment to rob the middle class and give to the rich. Letting the wealthy get wealthier at the American’s expense is not the platform you ran on and trickle down is not a solution; it has never worked. You lower the tax on the wealthy you create a deficit (Ronald Reagan). I have seen trickle down work once, in Somalia the pirates rob the rich and give to the poor.

2)     Deflating Medicare is a Republican ideology that is a hollow lie based on dishonesty, ignorance and fawning acquiescence to money. Your party holds this ideology up in front of GOP efforts to bilk the people of this country. One more of many lies from the GOP is that Medicare is unsustainable.

3)     Mr Rubio, you were put in office by corporate money. Most of what you state is flatulent half-assed lip service to the pampered.

4)     Your party is again trying to manipulate the voter rights in Florida as you know no other way to win and help your wealthy yo-yos. For you sir, public service is not about the will of the people. You are like a parasite and you treat the people as if they were cattle you have infected.

5)     Your party is for war and the people don’t want war. Senator Cornyn on CSPAN questioned Leon Panetta. The Republican Senator made it clear he felt the American people are just a little too dim to offer input as to the war in Afghanistan and the military budget. There are many places you could lower the budget if, one, you really wanted to and two, you didn’t worship the stupor-rich, a corporation or the Pentagon at every opportunity.

6)     The Republican Party has voted to denounce the existence of Global Warming. NASA, the US Navy, the EPA have programs for addressing Global Warming and almost every legitimate scientific study indicate Global Warming is happening and will get worse. And some in your party stipulate that, there may be Global Warming but human activity does not contribute to it. Republicans bend more readily than a small reed in the wind, any way your money support blows. You are obviously devoted to lying. It shows, lying is Republican Tao.

7)   The House Republicans recently tried to pass a Bill which stated House Bills if passed by solely the House (Republican majority) would be law. No Senate vote necessary, skip the Senate (where Democrats rule). Are all Republicans retarded? And this attempt came after Republicans passed new House rules requiring all Bills presented in the House to be first shown as based in the Constitution. Republicans are like apes that shit in their hands and throw it at their enemies, oblivious to how one who shits in their own hand appears.

7)     I will do everything in my power to promote the end of the Republican Party. For what it is worth I have notified all Democrat Representatives at the Federal level that I will be disappointed if they don’t bastard fuck your party as concerns taxing the wealthy and protecting Medicare. I feel that your party is composed of nothing but thieves and liars for the wealthy and you have grabbed your ankles for the rich for so long you have not a clue what to do other than lie.

8)     Tell me Senator Rubio, if it is true that Republicans are “pro birth, fuck the mother and the newborn” because Republicans need more little soldiers to die in Republican wars?


M H O’Neal

4433 Ruthann Ct

N Ft Myers, FL


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