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Fuck You Joe Arpaio

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio might want to get ready to spend more time in court defending himself.

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that two news executives for the Phoenix New Times can sue the Maricopa County sheriff’s office for their 2007 arrests.

The men, newspaper co-owners Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, were arrested at their homes in the middle of the night after their publication reported the sheriff’s office planned to use a subpoena to figure out who was talking to journalists about Arpaio. Arpaio’s allies drafted subpoenas that “demanded that the paper reveal its confidential sources as well as produce reporters’ and editors’ notebooks, memoranda, and documents” related to stories about Arpaio, according to the court ruling. The New Times refused, leading to misdemeanor charges against Lacey and Larkin of disclosing grand jury inner workings. The charges were dropped the next day.

The two executives attempted to sue Arpaio for $15 million in 2008, alleging that the sheriff’s office falsely arrested them, violated their right to due process and targeted them for selective prosecution. A lower court dismissed that lawsuit, a ruling overturned by the federal appeals court.

"Sheriff Arpaio should have known that arresting someone at his home requires a warrant, unless there are exigent circumstances," the appeals court opinion said. "We cannot fathom what exigent circumstances compelled either arrest."

Latino Voters in Arizona Demand Their Votes Be Counted

Despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of provisional and early votes have yet to be counted in the Arizona race for Maricopa County Sheriff, the media has declared that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been re-elected to a sixth term. As the vote count currently stands, Arpaio has gotten 88,000 more votes than his challenger, Democrat Paul Penzone. Yet, 300,000 provisional ballots have still not been counted and County officials are saying it will take up to ten days to finish the process.

Worst Law Enforcement Bigot in US History, Joe Arpaio

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The U.S. v. Joe Arpaio: Justice Department Sues Arizona Sheriff for Racial Profiling of Latinos

The Justice Department has sued Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his deputies in Maricopa County for racially profiling Latino residents in the Phoenix area. The DOJ contends that Arpaio and his deputies aggressively targeted Latinos, regardless of their immigration status, and retaliated against anyone who got in their way.

ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL THOMAS PEREZ: The police are supposed to protect and serve our communities, not divide them. At its core, this is an abuse-of-power case involving a sheriff and a sheriff’s office that disregarded the Constitution, ignored sound police practices, compromised public safety, and did not hesitate to retaliate against perceived critics. Constitutional policing and effective policing go hand in hand. Our complaint alleges the defendants’ actions were neither constitutional nor effective.

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ICE Enabled East Haven Police’s Racial Profiling By Detaining, Deporting Targeted Immigrants

A new investigation by Colorlines Magazine has revealed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement continued to detain and deport individuals rounded up by the East Haven, Connecticut police, even after the Department of Justice launched its investigation into racial profiling. Four East Haven police officers have been arrested for targeting Latino immigrants with false arrests, false reports and harassment, prompting the East Haven police chief to resign.

"East Haven, Connecticut has a long history of profiling people of color," Freed Wessler says. "Folks of color in the greater New Haven area know not to drive through East Haven, Connecticut: you’re going to get pulled over if you’re black or Latino." Seth Freed Wessler

Racial Profiling; When You’re a Cop, You’re Stupid, You Know You’re Stupid and You Just Need to Arrest Someone, Anyone, as Long as They Don’t Appear Able to Afford an Attorney.

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