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Champions Of Open Government: Homicide Watch DC

Transparency and openness in government isn’t just about seeing where lobbying dollars go in Congress. It’s about making sure at every level– federal, state and local–that government is responsive to the needs of its citizens.

Consider Homicide Watch DC, for example. Homicide Watch DC is the first database with violent crime data from courts and police departments in D.C. The information here is all publicly available, but it can be cumbersome to find and it rarely all lives together. Now it does, and as a result those people who have been personally affected by tragedy have a community and a resource that previously did not exist to them in any useful fashion.

The non-profit, non-partisan Sunlight Foundation is showcasing efforts like Homicide Watch DC in short documentary series called OpenGov Champions. Here’s a clip of the important work Homicide Watch DC is doing and another good reminder of why transparency in government is an issue that everyone can get behind.

"My father’s death did not seem to matter to anyone until I found his picture on Death Watch." New Idea - Good Idea. Sharing our losses unites us.

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